Matrrixx Zouk cricket bat.

ZOUK  NEO  - £119  £95  End of season sale
  Oiling & Knocking in £30
 Antiscuff £4, Toe Guard £3. Full Prep. £35
The ZOUK Neo is made from the finest selection of grade 2 English willow and comes fitted with a toe guard and supplied with a protective soft carry case. A big bat in the traditional Asian shape, with lighter weights and great balance and pick up, suitable for most styles of play on typical English pitches.

  SH only. Available weights;
      2.9, 2.10 & 2.11 lbs

The MATRRIXX Zouk cricket bat is an innovative design offering a slightly lighter, well balanced bat but retaining the traditional Asian shape and large profile. Inspired by the traditional V-spine shape with a slightly lower middle, big edges and bowed blade but with weight removed by two parallel grooves running right up the outer edges of the rear of the blade. These grooves are placed to remove dead weight but far enough in from the edges to retain the edge strength, integrity and size. No other bat on the market has this revolutionary balancing design, includes 2 season rear edge integrity warranty.
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2.9 lbs
2.11 lbs
2.10 lbs