MRF Thunder Cricket bat.

THUNDER  - £99
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India's most famous brand, new model cricket bat for 2012/13 in a unique new profile specially designed for the modern game. Manufactured from a choice selection of grade 3 English willow these bats offer some remarkable features and performance in a budget bat.

 The shape of 'Thunder' is quite traditional, bowed blade, steep curving spine, concave panes and huge square edges. To keep the weights down the edges are sculptured to flatten out in the toe and shoulder area leaving a huge striking zone and big edges in the middle of the bat, just where you need them most, with a great balance and pickup.
A great value bat aimed at the good club player who wants a brand bat with a massive striking zone, great pedigree and not to be shot restricted by the choice of bat, this bat is suitable for all shots, drives, cuts, pulls. The large cleft offers power for hitters and timing for stroke makers and at sensible weights, from 2.10 lbs.

  The MRF Thunder is fitted with a round, three sprung, traditional cane, short handle, thick fish-scale grip, toe guard and comes complete with a full length bat cover.
 Full Preparation £35 (inc Toe Guard) / Oil+Knock £30
Toe £5 / Antiscuff £4
SH  2.10 1/2 lbs
SH  2.10 lbs
SH  2.10 1/2 lbs
2lb 12oz