Matrrixx T20 Switch double sided cricket bat.

T20 SWITCH  - £185  £100
SH only
2.12 lbs

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LE - 2.12 lbs
The profile is based on the traditional Asian shape, a bowed blade and thick edges,
massive edges in fact(typically 3 - 3.5cm across most of the bat) but the spine section is removed in the lower half of the rear of the bat and made into a near flat playing face. Both sides of the bat are pressed to create two hitting surfaces, the front is as durable and playable as a traditional bat thanks to the massive profile, whilst the rear face is pressed enough to allow for a significant amount of action too, those reverse sweeps and dabs can now be played off both bat faces. A unique bat for those brave and skillful players who demand every little advantage possible.
T20 SWITCH cricket bats are supplied ready to use, fully knocked in, with a fitted toe guard and antiscuff on the front face. Given the lesser impacts expected on the rear of the face the factory pressing is adequate to maintain the best combination of playing and protective characteristics.
Matrrixx of India and Quantum Cricket are proud to present what we believe is the World's first commercially available to buy double sided cricket bat. Others are in development and have been trialled in professional games but the Matrrixx T20 Switch is here now and available for you to buy and use.   Completely legal, does not contravene any laws of cricket.

These bats are special, only the lightest grade 1 English willow clefts with the biggest profile are selected to enable the thickness required in the blade without the traditional spine, and to retain the profile after having both faces pressed. Most clefts physically cannot be made into these bats.