Matrrixx S-10 cricket bat

S-10  Players Reserve - £149
   Oiling & Knocking in £30
          Antiscuff £4
     Full Preparation £35
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MATRRIXX S-10: A bat inspired by the "Little Master", traditional Asian shape, curved blade and big thick *MAXX* edges but a well placed middle and deep extended sweet spot sweeping up the spine of the bat producing a big but well balanced bat for stroke makers who want to play all around the wicket off front and back foot. This very Asian bat transfers well into English conditions for those wanting a lighter/medium weight bat with a good asian style profile.
Each bat comes complete with a free protective carry case and with a fitted toe guard.

These are a special selection of Players Reserve willow, selected by Matrrixx for the discerning player who prizes performance over cosmetics. They can't be classed grade 1 because of the amount of brown wood, up to half of the bat, possibly with some blemish often associated with heart wood bats, but the specification starts with circa 10 grains and this kind of wood is much favoured by the pros for offering excellent performance. Definite players bats, offering a light balance, big profile and outstanding performance.
SH only - Weights: 2.9, & 2.11 lbs
2011 model
2.9 lbs
2.9 lbs
2.11 lbs