RS RAGE £119
 EXCLUSIVE to Quantum Cricket Robinson Sports of India.
A hand crafted cricket bat made from a selection of air dried, lower end grade 1 clefts of English Willow with a natural finished blade and special customised shape for UK conditions.
The new Robinson Sports Rage cricket bat has been redesigned to Quantum Cricket specifications - this bat is a hybrid traditional English/Asian shape offering the best of both Worlds to produce a bat specially designed for UK conditions. The Rage has a very gentle bow, much flatter than most Asian bats with a well placed middle right at the heart of the bat, not too low and not too high. The spine is steep, the edges are big and the bat back is full to create a big profile with loads of wood behind the ball. Each bat is fitted with a gentle oval, three sprung traditional cane handle, a thick rubber Octo grip and a toe guard and comes complete with a full length padded bat cover.
  Robinson Sports Rage cricket bat comes supplied with a fitted toe guard, nylon face protector sheet
  and a full length bat cover. Upgrade to clear antiscuff for
  £4.00 and add oiling and knocking in for only £30 extra.

Robinson RS Rage cricket bat.

Custom model - specially designed for Quantum Cricket in the UK.
SH only - available weights:
        2.10 lbs only

Due to popular demand for blank bats these bats can be supplied blank without labels or labelled as shown in the picture.
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2.10 lbs
2.10 lbs