RS Practice bat, 2" wide.

 EXCLUSIVE to Quantum Cricket Robinson Sports of India.
A hand crafted bat, made from good grade  Kashmir Willow.
The Robinson Sports Practice cricket bat is a valuable tool for any serious batsman. This bat is 3" (7.5cm) wide to help you practice hitting the middle of the bat. Each bat is extra thick front to back to balance like a full size bat and is available in a number of balance options to match your current game bat. Playing performance is not an issue so each bat is made of Kashmir willow to keep the costs down. Fitted with a thick rubber grip and a toe guard for comfort and protection.
SH only - Light or Heavy balance
Approximate weights are shown in the purchase box.

  Robinson Sports Practice cricket bat comes supplied with a fitted toe guard and a bat cover.
  We recommend some knocking in to protect the bat.
      Add oiling and knocking in for only £5 extra.