Robinson RS Duke of Windsor cricket bat.

 EXCLUSIVE to Quantum Cricket Robinson Sports of India.
  Robinson Sports Duke of Windsor cricket bat comes supplied with a fitted toe guard, nylon face protector sheet
  and a bat blade cover. Upgrade to clear antiscuff for
  £2.50 and add oiling and knocking in for only £5 extra.
A bat made for the young cricketer just making their way and not wanting to spend a
large amount of money on their first bat. The Duke of Windsor is carefully crafted
from good quality Kashmir willow to the usual refinement of a Robinsons Sports cricket bat. Each bat has a round 3 sprung cane handle and is bowed with thick edges, deep spine and a big profile in true RS tradition. A very asian style of bat, supplied with fitted toe guard and a blade length bat cover.
Available in;  Harrow,  Size 6  and  Size 5.
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Size 6
Size 6