MSR big Edge cricket bat.

 Full Preparation £35 (inc Toe Guard) / Oil+Knock £30
Toe £5 / Antiscuff £4
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 A new brand to Quantum Cricket with a range of very exciting bat models.

The astounding "Big Edge" concept with edges 35-40mm even in the very low weight bats.
MSR bats are carefully weighed and graded before being offered for sale.
The quoted bat weights (accurate to +/-  1/2 oz) include rubber grip and labels but do not include toe guard or antiscuff. The MSR bats are not fitted with a toe guard, nor an antiscuff face but these can be purchased as optional extras with free fitting.

Special promotional pricing    MSR
This is the bat everybody asks for, big profile, big edges and light. Very light in fact, starting from 2.8 lbs very rare clefts for an Asian profile blade in these super light weights. You won't be short changed in profile, just shy of 60mm with circa 35mm edges at their maximum these are big bats even by modern standards that totally disguises their light weights.     WEIGHTS: 2.8 lbs
Key features for the bats:
Super Best: £115
# Traditional Asian shape and profile, ~ 60mm.
# 35 - 40mm edges.
Gentle bowed blade, massive edges & profile.
# Huge sweetspot and striking zone, good balance.
# Awesome power for the touch and power players.
# Pressed for superb performance and "ping".
# Round, SH, triple sprung, traditional cane handle.
# Excellent cricket bat profile, well suited to use in the UK, for driving and cross bat shots.
# Each bat is hand selected and graded for performance and balance, the actual English willow grade designation is variable.
2.9 lbs
Super Best is perhaps the best combination of huge profile and light(ish) weights, 2.9 and 2.10 lbs are what most people look for and at this weight the profiles and edges are huge offering power hitters and touch players alike the chance to get full value from their shots. Huge profiles, 57 - 62 mm with 35-39 mm edges at their maximum these are big bats that pickup and balance really well.                        WEIGHTS: 2.9 & 2.10 lbs
Special promotional pricing    MSR
Special promotional pricing    MSR
For the uncompromising power player who likes a slightly heavier bat, Super Maxx offers simply the most massive profiles and edges at mid range weights with excellent balance and pickup.  Huge profiles, 62 - 63 mm with 38-39 mm edges at their maximum, these are simply massive bats offering powerful performance and long distance hitting potential.                       WEIGHTS: 2.11 lbs upwards
Heavier weights available to order.
2.9 lbs
2.9 lbs
Super Light: £119
2.8 lbs
2.8 lbs

Each cleft of willow is unique in terms of cosmetic grading, please view the individual blade pictures below, some have marks and flecks and brown wood.
The quality and skill lies in the huge profile, balance and performance rather than cosmetic perfection.