1) All products advertised on this web site are subject to availability and price verification. This web site is an advertising medium only and is not a guarantee of stock availability or current pricing. Whilst we do our very best to ensure the accuracy of the information given we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions from the details displayed on the Quantum Cricket web site. All of our products are available (subject to stock) for mail order distribution only. The following symbols used throughout the web site can be used as a good guide to current availability.

At the last stock update items marked with this symbol were in stock and you may order immediately. Any problem or issue will be discussed with you before charging your payment.

Items marked with this symbol are currently out of stock. Please do not order at this time, however you may register your interest by e-mail and we will contact you when we have more stock.

These items are not usually held in stock but supplied to specific customer order usually inside a couple of days. You may order on-line or e-mail first to check availability. Your payment will not be processed until stock is confirmed.
NB For cricket bats the weights available are selectable from the drop down boxes, alternatively you may wish to check the actual weight you require is available even if not indicated as such, particularly for those items marked "To Order" as this may not cover all the weight options, especially those at the lower and upper ends of the scale which are always more popular.

2) You may send your order and payment to the address or contact details below or you may order using our secure on-line ordering facility. Shopping cart facility is provided by RomanCart and fully integrated into the Quantum Cricket website. At checkout you can pay through our secure paypal service.
Telephone support is available. If you fail to receive an answer or the line is busy please leave a message and we will get back to you.
Telephone: Ashley Ward on 07540 752 884 (mobile).
Telephone: James Ward on 07718 128 782 (mobile).

E-mail: info@quantumcricket.com
We aim to reply to all e-mails inside 48 hours.
We value every order placed with us no matter how small and for this reason we have tried our best to keep postage charges as low as possible and to offer a number of delivery options and delivery prices in line with the value of the goods ordered. Delivery times are upto 7 days for standard service and 2-3 days for priority service from the date of receipt of order and payment. For bats if you choose the knocking in service it will extend these times by up to 7 days. These prices are for shipping to mainland UK addresses only, overseas subject to applicable laws and regulations will be charged extra at cost;

Please note: we cannot send cricket bats to Australia or New Zealand because of those Country's import restrictions on wooden items.

We are always prepared to look at sending items to addresses outside of the UK (subject to special export terms and conditions - see below), but buyers need to be aware postage charges are very expensive and for some items (eg pads) it is not economical to send them. Also we can't send bats or wooden items to Australia or New Zealand. Approximate overseas postage rates are shown below, these are subject to confirmation on each order, please check with us before ordering;

UK Channel Islands & Northern Ireland for bats and bigger; £15 per order
               Republic of Ireland & Mainland Europe; £23 per bat
               USA and Canada; £27 per bat
               All other overseas; Caribbean, UAE, India, Pakistan; £55 per bat.

Unfortunately we cannot accept visitors and we do not have a showroom or shop.
Please DO NOT travel to visit us, the address given is for postal deliveries only.

5) All products carry a 1 year guarantee (with the exception of Kashmir willow bats which have 3 months guarantee) against faulty materials and workmanship and in the event of a warranty claim will be replaced or repaired at our discretion. The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the product to Quantum Cricket. In the unlikely event of a problem please contact us first so that we can discuss the matter and plan a course of action, in some cases we may ask you to send the bat directly to our repairer(s) or supplier(s) to speed the process up and reduce unnecessary costs and delays. Cricket bats are very specialised pieces of equipment and warranty claims are usually of a very 'delicate' nature. Full details of the bat warranty and the preparations you should carry out in order to obtain the best performance from your bat are provided with each bat sold by Quantum Cricket and are reproduced in our bat care section on our web site. We do not warrant against the performance of any cricket bat, performance of each cleft varies from bat to bat and brand to brand. Please read the bat care section on this web site before you make your purchase, if you do not agree with our terms and conditions then we respectfully ask you not to make a purchase from us.
6) UK RETURNS POLICY. All the items we sell are subject to the UK distance selling regulations and can be returned at the customer's risk and expense, unused (and still sealed in any protective shrink film) within 7 days of receipt for a full refund of your purchase price minus the postage costs involved, please also return your guarantee card and purchase receipt (keep a copy if you feel you need reference). After this time or if the item/bat has been used we cannot accept returns for refunds. Basically this means if you are not happy with the quality, look, feel or weight of your item/bat when it arrives then you should return it immediately (within 7 days), unused for refund or if you prefer exchange or credit against another purchase. Also if you have paid for the extra services of oiling, knocking in, toe guard and/or antiscuff fitting then those charges are not refundable. All warranty claims for faults and damage will be dealt with as described in our bat care guide, which will usually result in repair as the first option. Please report any damage or suspected damage caused by our delivery agents during shipping on the day of receipt if possible, or in any event within 3 days to ensure our right to seek compensation from them. This statement does not effect your statutory rights in any way. Customers have to expect that during the course of a bats life most damage is not due to a faulty bat but simply the nature of the impacts and forces involved in the game, especially during mishit and mistimed shots which are the fault of the batsman and not the bat. Damage caused to edges and toes, whilst obviously not intentional is the responsibility of the customer, bats are designed to hit the ball 12-20cm up from the toe and in the middle of the bat. Failure to do this may result in damage which is not covered by any guarantee or warranty.
A note on bat weights, increasingly (due to legislation!?) bat makers are moving away from
quoting bat weights in pounds and ounces and are using grams instead. Where ever possible
we will continue using lbs and ozs, the following table should be of some use in allowing
you to convert between the two units of weight, if you are in any doubt please do contact us for further information.
         lbs. ozs   = =  grams
 2.7 lbs  = = 1106g
 2.8 lbs  = = 1134g
 2.9 lbs  = = 1163g
 2.10 lbs = = 1191g
 2.11 lbs = = 1219g
 2.12 lbs = = 1248g
 2.13 lbs = = 1276g
 2.14 lbs = = 1304g
Here at Quantum Cricket every bat is weighed and graded for performance before sale.
The actual scale weight is quoted for retail purposes, this is usually subject to a tolerance of +/- 1 oz, this will also vary from different manufacturers, some include grip weights others do not. For example a thick grip can weigh 3 oz, where as a thin grip will weigh perhaps 1 oz, this can lead to big differences in weights but actually very little difference in balance and pickup. Toe guards and antiscuff faces also add a small amount of weight to a bat. In practice 'balance' and 'pickup' is the most important factor and may make a bat feel heavier or lighter than it actually physically weighs. Please check the individual bat descriptions for balance indications. We do not warrant performance on any bat, a bat can feel very different in different people's hands and due to profile and shape differences what may be right for one person is not necessarily going to be right for another. Please do not hesitate to ask for advice on correctly matching a bat shape and model to your style of play - it will help you get the best from your bat.
8) We take great pride in our product range, making available some rarely seen equipment, our bat range is especially diverse. We also aim to give a quality service and products at fair and realistic prices, if we fail to do this please let us know so that we might improve for the future. Your constructive criticisms are welcomed!

                We sincerely hope that you enjoy your cricket with our products......


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 Launched in August 2008, we believe once again we are pioneering the on-line cricket retail environment with our
" BAT GALLERY " feature.

The "Bat Gallery" allows you to see (with a large face picture) and pick the exact bat you want to buy, each bat is coded by weight and with a letter and this is identified on the bat packaging so you know you will be getting the exact bat you have chosen. The "Bat Gallery" is the next best thing to seeing a bat in the flesh - another Quantum Cricket innovation inspired by our customer's suggestions to allow a 'see before you buy option'.

Whilst we can't guarantee to photograph and display a picture of every bat we have in stock, we will try and ensure a comprehensive selection across our full range of cricket bats.

Ordering is easy, just click the thumbnail to see the big picture, then click the appropriate "add to basket" button for the bat you wish to buy. Checkout and let us do the rest delivering your precise choice of cricket bat.
4) Once payment has been received we can then arrange for delivery of the goods. Postage, packaging and insurance (where necessary) will be charged extra. You should select the correct option from the online checkout facility, or add to your manual order at the following mainland UK rates;

BAGS, PADS, STUMPS or orders containing multiple items: £10.00 per order.
          Single BAT: £7.50 per order.
        GLOVES, CLOTHING, SMALL ITEMS: £3.50 per order.
        PRIORITY DELIVERY (Target <3 days): £15.00 per order.

Over the course of 2011/12 postage prices have increased dramatically, therefore we have had to change our postage structure. Orders containing a single bat or a bat and toe guard/antiscuff will be charged £7.50 p&p. Orders containing large and/or heavy item(s); pads, bags, stumps or multiple items will be charged a flat rate of £10.00 p&p per order. Orders containing only small single items; clothes, gloves, single ball etc will be charged £3.50 p&p per order.
If you select the wrong option on the checkout we will correct it before processing which will change the overall value of your order. Any orders containing free postage or special agreed rates and offers will be corrected by us before final processing. We will inform you of any deviations with the postage options selected as part of your order.
                                      Our preferred method of payment is by PayPal - You can use our secure paypal facility on the
                                      website and for that you will need a paypal account. If you don't have one already, there is an option to create one at checkout by following the simple instructions. If you are unable to pay by paypal, we also accept payment via cheque. All cheques need to be made payable to Quantum Cricket and then posted to Quantum Cricket, 177 Springwell Lane, Balby, Doncaster, DN4 9AJ. Once your cheque has been received and cleared, we will despatch your order.
7) As you will see our prices for bats vary from about £40 to around £200+, quite a wide range, perhaps this requires a little further explanation? Our bat prices reflect the prices charged to us by the individual manufacturers and/or importers of each brand, they obviously have their own costs to cover and profits to make. These costs and expected profits vary widely from developing countries like India and Pakistan to highly commercial countries like the UK and New Zealand. On top of these manufacturing costs there are the shipping and import costs which again vary from country to country and also by the methods used, not to mention various taxes. All these factors combine to form the basis for the wide variety of prices, then there is the quality of the workmanship and materials to take into account. Generally for each brand the higher priced bats are made with superior quality willow and other materials. Each bat and brand of bat generally have their own individual shapes and characteristics and it is for you the consumer to decide which is best for you, taking into account many things like how much you want to pay and what standard of cricket you play. We are of course always happy to help you with your choices and offer free advice on any of our products. Also please note our prices are not direct comparisons for those you will see on sale in shops, we are Mail Order only and do not have the extra expense of running and staffing a showroom, consequently if you find similar bats on sale in shops you may find they are slightly more expensive, however in shops you get to see and pick the exact bat you want before you actually buy it. That is an advantage over mail order where you do not see your bat before you buy it and you should expect to pay a small premium for the facility. However we do specialise in selling brands that you will rarely find on sale in your local sports stockists - our website allows you access to a range of products rarely seen for sale in the UK.
Click this button above to read more information on willow and it's grades.
EXPORT ONLY (outside UK) - terms and conditions
We are a UK based retailer selling cricket equipment into the UK, we are happy to look at exporting cricket bats and certain smaller items to other Countries (but NOT Australia or New Zealand), but under special Export terms and conditions;

i) All items are sold as brand new, fit for purpose, no returns are possible.
ii) All orders must be pre-paid against cleared funds and are final, no refunds given.
iii) All items are sent using insured and signed for (where possible) delivery. Delivery time frames cannot be guaranteed, postage costs are usually large and disproportionate to the value of the items - we can't help that as overseas postage is very expensive from the UK.
iv) On receipt ALL risks pass to the customer, there is no guarantee or warranty on export items due to the huge costs of processing.
Fantastic new lower rates for USA and Canada; £27 per bat.
CLICK HERE to view our terms and conditions summary.