MRF Genius Limited Edition cricket bat.

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India's most famous bat, the authentic item back for 2012/13 in a modern new livery and brought up to modern day standards of profile and performance, never a small bat the MRF Genius started it all, the bowed blade revolution.

 This is the authentic and original MRF shape, enhanced with a slightly higher and elongated middle that is very suitable for UK conditions. Featuring the now legendary bowed blade and massive square edges, with a sweeping curved spine and concave rear panes offering a deep and extended sweetspot from a more central middle. Maximum edge size is typically 35mm plus, total profile circa 55mm plus.
The Limited Edition branding brings a fine selection of grade 1 willow, in lighter clefts offering a huge profile in the traditional shape, suitable for all grades of cricket, for the good player who wants power and deft timing when needed from their high grade bat. Weights from 2.9 lbs, quite remarkable given the size of this bat, true pedigree.

  The MRF Genius Limited Edition is fitted with a round, three sprung, traditional cane, short handle, thick fish-scale grip, toe guard and comes complete with a full length bat cover.
 Full Preparation £35 (inc Toe Guard) / Oil+Knock £30
Toe £5 / Antiscuff £4