MRF Genius Junior cricket bat.

Junior sized English Willow bats from the MRF company. Specially adapted from the Genius profile adult bat to give the proper weight, size and balance characteristics to enable younger players to get the most from their bats, maintaining the bowed blade and thick edges. Available in English (grade 1 - top quality blades) willow in a variety of sizes:
English willow.....   Sizes; Harrow,  size 6 & size 5
- ALL only (£60)

 Each Genius Junior bat is supplied with a bat cover and fitted toe guard. An excellent junior sized branded bat made to exacting standards offering top quality English willow and high end performance for the junior player looking to get the very best from their cricket bat.
GENIUS Junior  - £60
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EW - size 6
 Full Junior Preparation £15 / Jnr Oil+Knock £10 / Toe £5 / Antiscuff £4
EW - Harrow
EW - Harrow
EW - size 5
EW - size 5