Matrrixx of India and Quantum Cricket are proud to present the new and improved Venom cricket bat, recrafted for 2011 from the original Concorde model. Crafted from quality graded English Willow, these bats offer a truely unique shape; slender shoulders but a huge lower bulge sweet spot and thick *MAXX* edges with a curved blade, and a proper oval shaped handle for extra strength and comfort. Each bat comes with a free bat cover and fitted toe guard - the total package at no extra cost.
    Oiling & Knocking £30 / Antiscuff £4
            Full Preparation £35
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Jazz 2.10 lbs
"100% handcrafted. Inspired by the Concorde aircraft. Sleek, aerodynamic, bowed bat with a huge sweetspot and edges. Designed for the attacking stroke maker who requires increased power and superior balance. Unique swell power ridge design - provides exaggerated hitting power throughout the striking zone. A marvel of weight redistribution technology."

Contoured edges & shoulders provide for increased power concentration in striking zone with huge edges and a feeling of low down weight. Unique shape to remove the unnecessary wood from the shoulders and distribute into the lower bulging sweet spot, to enhance stroke play on slower and lower wickets. Oval Handle helps the batsman locate their grip enabling bottom hand security & minimum twist on impact which results in loss of power and control.
Jazz Available weights;
selection of ~ 2.10 lbs

JAZZ bats are low grade English willow with a traditional cane/ rubber  handle.
SH only - £79

Jazz 2.10 lbs
Jazz 2.10 lbs
Jazz 2.10 lbs
Jazz 2.10 lbs