BDM cricket bats, Aero Dynamic, Untamed.

     Quantum Cricket are pleased to offer BDM Aero Dynamic bats alongside our range of Asian cricket bats.

   BDM cricket bats are pressed that little bit harder to give them extra life, extra durability and a
   special 'ping' that cricketers the World over recognise. BDM have a reputation for quality and bats that last and
   perform very well.

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AERO DYNAMIC - £179  £110
The Aero Dynamic was the first ever 'arc' blade bat to be introduced by BDM, this revolutionary bowed blade design has become the staple of the Asian market and much favoured the World over. Aero Dynamic is a traditional profile bat with thick edges and a bowed blade, there is a small curved section removed from the rear toe profile to make the bat pick up and balance incredibly light. These bats are manufactured from a fine selection of grade 1 English willow and are fitted with a 9 ply rounded cane handle. Each bat is also fitted with a toe guard and comes complete with a padded bat cover.

The Aero Dynamic is a top grade bat suited to most conditions, the pick up and balance are really good, the edges are extra pressed for durability and the profile provides a large sweet spot in the traditional mid to low position, a great bat for front foot driving and cross bat shots.
SH only
2.10 lbs

 Total preparation £35 (inc Toe Guard) / Oiling & Knocking only £30 / Antiscuff only £4
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2.10 lbs