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  Below you will find a small selection of Reader items that we hold in stock, virtually all other Reader
                                               items can be ordered, please ask us for a competitive quote.
  The RS Recorder Supreme is a quartered seam cricket ball made from alum tanned hide with hand hammered quilt with 7 layers of worsted wool and 6 layers of cork offering top grade internal construction that is not overly hard but retains it's shape. The exterior is tallow dipped (not varnished) to repel mositure and offer a natural shine that doesn't crack and peel away. Traditionally stitched seam, 5 1/2 oz, hand crafted by experts and master craftsmen to full ICC regulations, used for over three decades in India and approved by the BCCI for the 1st class game. A genuine top grade ball at a realistic price.                                
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<-Ever wondered what the inside of a cricket ball looks like?
READERS COUNTY MATCH:   Price: £17.50 each.
Grade A cricket ball made from English Leather, very popular amongst local leagues demanding use of English balls. 5 1/2 oz adult size conforming to all current ICC regulations.

READERS COUNTY SUPREME 'A':   Price: £9.50 each.
Grade A cricket ball, traditional leather, 4 piece (quartered) ball, excellent quality and durability at a lower-mid range price. 5 1/2 oz adult size conforming to all current ICC regulations. Also available in youth (4 3/4 oz) and womens sizes for the same price.

READERS SPECIAL SCHOOL:   Price: £5.35 each.
Reader brand Junior size 4 3/4oz cricket ball, made in India to Readers exacting specification and standards. Ideal for school and junior club cricket at Under 13 years old age group and below.
READERS SUPABALL RED:    Price: £5.50 each.
Plastic exterior with poly core, safer and softer than an ordinary cricket balls but made to the same size as a standard ball with a seam and similar bounce. Available in adult size only.
When adding balls to the shopping cart just select which ball you want - you will be able to select and amend the quantity from within the cart.
Approved for use in 1st class cricket in India by BCCI.
Also available to clubs and leagues (stamped to suit) at bulk rates - please enquire for details.
Quantum Cricket supply a range of cricket balls from Readers and Robinsons Sports. If you need a specific ball not shown here from these manufacturers please ask for a quotation.
The RS Common Wealth ball is a mens size 5 1/2 oz budget cricket ball, however it maintains the RS standards of being made from cork and leather, quartered, stitched seam and good (if not perfect) geometry.  The exterior is polished rather than varnished and most importantly the ball retains it's shape without being too hard. A perfect budget ball for junior (u15/u17) games, evening cricket, practice sessions, practice games etc.
Available in two colours; dark cherry  or bright red.
We are currently out of stock of all RS cricket balls, but more will be coming in early - mid March.