AS V3 cricket bat.

 Full Preparation £35 (inc Toe Guard) / Oil+Knock £30
Toe £5 / Antiscuff £4
The AS V3 is a traditional, top pedigree Pakistanni bat, asian profile with thick edges and a bowed blade, the back is contoured and profiled to remove weight to help keep the pick up and balance light without compromising the profile, power and size of the hitting zone and sweetspot. These bats are manufactured from a premium selection of top grade 1 English willow (9+ grains: see pictures below) and are fitted with a rounded cane handle. Each bat is also fitted with a protective toe guard and comes complete with a full length, padded bat cover.

The V3 is an ultra high end bat suited to most conditions, the pick up and balance are good, the profile provides a large sweet spot in the traditional mid to low position and at a fantastic price, only made possible by the economics of manufacturing in Pakistan. This is a great bat for those on a mid-range budget looking for a tough, durable high end bat and don't mind something in the mid to heavy weight range, 2.10 lbs and upwards.