AS ONE.1 cricket bat.

ONE.1 - £89
Full Preparation £35 (inc Toe Guard) / Oil+Knock £30
Toe £5 / Antiscuff £4
The AS ONE.1 is a traditional asian profile cricket bat with thick edges and a bowed blade, the back is full and rounded to help keep the huge profile, power and size of the hitting zone and sweetspot. These bats are manufactured from a good selection of grade 2 English willow and are fitted with a rounded cane handle. Each bat is also fitted with a protective toe guard and comes complete with a full length, padded bat cover.

The ONE.1 is a very good quality bat suited to most conditions, the pick up and balance are good, the profile provides a large sweet spot in the traditional mid position and at a fantastic price, only made possible by the economics of manufacturing in Pakistan. This is a great bat for those on a budget looking for a tough, durable good quality bat and don't mind something in the mid to heavy weight range, 2.10 lbs and upwards.
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Options: SH only,   weights: 2.10, 2.12 & 2.13 lbs

2.12 lbs
Quoted weights are for the complete bat including thick grip and fitted toe guard.