AS FALCON cricket bat.

FALCON junior - £39
 Total junior preparation £12.00 / Oiling & Knocking only £10 / Antiscuff only £4
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Options:  size 5  only
The AS Falcon is a traditional Asian profile cricket bat specially adapted for the junior market, chunky with a bowed blade, a nice balance with the huge profile and large hitting zone to help the younger player get the most value from their shots. These bats are manufactured from a selection of lower grade, genuine English willow and are fitted with a rounded cane handle. Each bat is also fitted with a protective toe guard.   A great value bat for a junior player.

The Falcon Junior offers the very best value for the junior player, the bats are nicely presented, chunky and light to pick up offering everything a younger player could want. The bat is a budget bat made from lower grade English willow with some cosmetic blemish but at a fantastic price, only made possible by the economics of manufacturing in Pakistan. These bats offer excellent value and the opportunity to step up to a proper English willow blade with associated performance.
Size 5
Size 5